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Book your Zamość guide for an informative and entertaining Zamość walking tour. Martin’s City Tours is your Zamość tour guide! Zamość is a beautiful Italian style city located in the Poland’s Lublin province. This ideal city was founded in 1580 by Jan Zamoyski, Grand Chancellor and Hetman of the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. The historical centre of Zamość was added to the World Heritage List in 1992; it was recognized for being "a unique example of a Renaissance town in Central Europe". All due to the wonderful design of Paduan architect Bernardo Morando. We offer you the chance to explore Jan’s “ideal city” with a Zamość guide.

We offer transportation from Lublin to Zamość.

Brama Krakowska in Lublin

And there is more! In addition to the amazing Renaissance architecture, you can visit and admire its fortifications with your Zamość’s guide. Jan Zamoyski combined his military role with his entrepreneurial mindset by locating his private city on the trade route linking western and northern Europe with the Black Sea. It was one of the biggest fortresses of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and was built so solidly that it was able to resist the siege by the Swedish king in 1656. Book your Zamość tour guide, and we’ll provide you with the opportunity to learn its legends and stories.

Zamość’s still existing street layout was designed to resemble a man lying on his back. The most important buildings in the Old Town have their place and importance in basic human anatomy. So, the Zamoyski Palace is the head. The Academy and the Cathedral are two lungs that he was supposed to breathe wisdom and faith through. During your Zamość city tour with an English speaking Zamość tour guide, you will learn which buildings resemble its internal organs and limbs. Cross its backbone and visit the fingertips while listening to historic legends and engaging stories.


Programme with Martin’s City Tour’s Zamość guide

• The Market Square
(Admire the Armenian houses and Bernardo Morando’s Renaissance architecture)
• The Sephardi Synagogue
(Dating back to the first years of the 17th century)
• The Cathedral
(Still the final resting place of Jan Zamoyski)
• The fortifications
(Bastions, gates, and the Arsenal)
• The Rotunda
(The Mausoleum of Martyrdom of the Zamość Region, former Gestapo prison)
• The Alleys
(Discover the hidden backyards of Zamość)

Lublin Old Town Square


Our guides are Lublin based, so please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.


around 3 hours


English, Dutch

Meeting Point

Please, meet your Zamość guide in front of the Jan Zamoyski monument (Szczebrzeska 2B, 22-400 Zamość). If required Martin's City Tours offers transportation from Lublin to Zamość.

Zamość Walking Tour: How it works

English-Speaking Guide in Zamość: How it works

Whether you are a private individual or a group, our Zamość tour guide offers you the opportunity to have an engaging tour through this charming Renaissance town. We combine storytelling with history. Our tours are informative and informal and can be combined with a visit to one of the multiple attractions in Zamość. You can also shoot a cannon during our Zamość city tour! Obviously, the guides of Martin’s City Tours know the best places to have a meal, refreshment, or drink.

Martin’s City Tours is well known for sharing fascinating, humorous, touching, and mind-blowing legends and stories. We have gone through books, chronicles, newspaper articles, and numerous other sources to tell you about Zamość’s past. During your walking tour in Zamość, you’ll learn why the Poles call a buffet “a Swedish Table”. Your Zamość tour guide will explain why Zamość’s bugle call player only plays his tune to three sides of the world. And many more.

Zamość Walking Tour: Good to know

English-Speaking Zamość Guide Good to know

Zamość is easily accessible by train, bus, and car. It’s a 90 km journey from Lublin which takes between 1,5 and 2 hours depending on chosen transportation and traffic. Martin’s City Tours offers the possibility to drive you over from Lublin to Zamość so you can take part at a Zamość city tour in a very convenient way.


To book your English speaking Zamość guide, click here and make your reservation.

Lublin Old Town Square


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