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Lublin Free Walking Tours | Historic Centre

Important! Due to COVID-19 reservation is required for all our tours, including the Lublin Free Walking Tours. Please, book us in advance, so we are there to host you!

Thank you for your understanding!

During this free walking tour, we’ll show you historical landmarks and fascinating places in Lublin Historic Centre. Please, don’t expect a monotonous tour with lots of detailed information. The Lublin Free City Tours’ aim is to entertain you with catching stories, legends and anecdotes.

Each of our guides is different, so no tour will be the same. Nonetheless, all of us will show you the following must-visit places for sure…


  • The Market Square
  • The Cracow Gate
    (Brama Krakowska)
  • Lithuanian Square
    (Plac Litewski)
  • Archcathedral
  • Dominican Church and Monastery
    (Bazylika i klasztor oo. dominikaóow)
  • Lublin Castle
    (Zamek lubelski)
Free Walking Tours Lublin | Martin's City Tours


Snow, thunder or perfect weather… our tour is held every Saturday at 10.00 a.m.


around 3 hours



Meeting point

Inside Pub u Szewca, Grodzka 18 (Old Town)

Inspirational stories covering the town’s history from the Dark Ages until today will be shared with you while walking through the Lublin Historic Centre. Part of the Original Lublin Free Walking Tours is a break in Lublin’s best-known confectionary.

Martin’s City Tours is an independent tour company. We enjoy working together with renowned local businesses. It’s our pleasure to hand you over some discount vouchers at the end of each tour.

Lublin Free Walking Tours… How it works…

We provide Lublin Free City Tours and we really like to entertain you. We’ve deliberately decided not to charge you upfront, so you can expect a great tour with a motivated Lublin guide every time you join us! We’re confident that you’ll enjoy our Lublin Free Walking Tour enough to be willing to tip our guides at the end of the tour. It’s your guide’s source of income.
As a registered company, we have to pay VAT, income tax, and social security out of your tips. Martin’s City Tours is a private independent company and doesn’t receive financial support from any third parties.

Lublin Free City Tours… Good to know…

Martin’s City Tours doesn’t accept organized groups bigger than 7 people during Lublin Free City Tours. Please, click here to receive information about our private and group tours. We organize lovely personalized tours in multiple languages.

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Participating in Martin’s City Tours is on a voluntary basis. We are not responsible or will not be held responsible in any way for damage to property or injuries to the body incurred during our tours, activities, or events. Our staff reserve the right to deny participation in any tour to any person for any reason. We appreciate your understanding.

Martin’s City Tours will provide a VAT invoice on request. In case an invoice is required, the VAT will be added to the fees specified on the website.

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