Lublin Free Walking Tours

What to expect from Lublin Free Walking Tours

During our Lublin Free Walking Tour, we will share inspirational stories covering the town’s history from the Dark Ages until today with you while walking through the Lublin historic centre. Part of the original Lublin Free Walking Tours is a break in Lublin’s best-known confectionery.

Martin’s City Tours is an independent tour company. We enjoy working together with renowned local businesses.

Brama Krakowska in Lublin

During this free walking tour, we’ll show you historical landmarks and fascinating places in Lublin’s Historic Centre. Please, don’t expect a monotonous tour with lots of detailed information. The aim of the Lublin Free City Tours is to entertain you with catchy stories, legends, and anecdotes.

Each of our guides is different, so no tour will be the same. Nonetheless, all of us will show you the must-see places described under “programme”.

Our Free Walking tours are available on the following Saturdays:

Saturday, 4th May 2024
Saturday, 25th May 2024
Saturday, 1st June 2024

Please, feel free to book a private or one of our other tours if your preferred date is not listed above.


• The Rynek, picturesque Renaissance market square
• The Krakow Gate, Mediaeval city gate and one of the symbols of Lublin
• Lithuanian Square, Lublin’s main square with a beautiful multimedia fountain
• Dominican Church and Monastery, a lovely hidden cloister in the middle of the Old Town
• Lublin Castle, one of Poland’s royal castles, home to the Holy Trinity Chapel

Lublin Old Town Square


Our Lublin Free Walking Tours are available on the Saturdays mentioned above at 10.00 a.m. Please, feel free to book a private or one of our other tours if your preferred date is not listed above.


around 3 hours



Meeting Point

In front of Pub u Szewca, Grodzka 18 (Old Town)

Lublin Free Walking Tours: How it works

During our 3-hour Free Walking Tour, we will go above and beyond to provide you with an amazing experience. At the end, you’ll be expected to tip the guide with an amount of money that reflects how you valued the tour. It’s called the pay-what-you-like concept.

It is not in our nature to suggest how much the tip should be, as it is voluntary. To give you an idea, tickets for our 2-hour Explore Lublin with a Guide tours are sold for 50 PLN per person. As a registered company, we have to pay VAT, income tax, and social security out of your tips. Martin’s City Tours is a private independent company and doesn’t receive financial support from any third parties.

To summarise, please be generous towards our guides when you have enjoyed our Lublin Free Walking Tour. We are confident that you will enjoy our walks. Keep in mind that your guide loves their job, nonetheless they also have bills to pay, just like you and I.

Lublin Free Walking Tours: Good to know

Martin’s City Tours doesn’t accept organised groups bigger than 7 people during our Lublin Free City Tours. Please, click here to receive information about our private and group tours. We organise lovely personalised tours in multiple languages.


Important! Please, make a reservation through our booking system to ensure you can enjoy our Lublin Free Walking Tours. Book in advance to ensure we can be there to host you. Thank you for your understanding.

Lublin Old Town Square


Participating in Martin’s City Tours is on a voluntary basis. We are not responsible or will not be held responsible in any way for damage to property or injuries to the body incurred during our tours, activities, or events. Our staff reserve the right to deny participation in any tour to any person for any reason. We appreciate your understanding.

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