Lublin Communism Tour

What to expect from Lublin Communism Tour

Follow the lifecycle of Communism in Poland while walking through the streets of Lublin, where Poland’s communistic era started. The headquarters of the PKWN a.k.a. Lublin Committee was located here in town. Lublin had been the capital of Poland for half a year before Warsaw was liberated. Ironically, the downfall of the communistic regime was triggered by the July strikes of 1980 in Lublin and its surroundings.

Brama Krakowska in Lublin

On this unique walk through the legacy of Polish socialism, you will visit places in Lublin connected with our socialist past. This walk will cover serious topics, like the brutal implementation of Communism in Poland and the period of martial law. On the other hand, Martin’s City Tours likes to offer you a light-hearted side. You will learn what you would add to your suitcase while traveling abroad. And Poland’s famous Eros condoms will be a topic of conversation.


• Learn about Poland’s socialist history as you walk through Lublin.
• Explore the famous communist sites in Lublin, including the PKWN headquarters.
• Get an understanding of the difficulties of living in the PRL.
• Communism was implemented by force, visit the locations of former NKVD and UB torture and detention centres.
• Compare historical pictures with the actual locations nowadays.

Lublin Old Town Square


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at minimum 2 hours


English, Dutch

Meeting Point

In front of Hotel Mercure, Aleje Racławickie 12, 20-037 Lublin

Lublin Communism Tour: How it works

This walk starts in front of Hotel Mercure in Lublin, a modernistic building built in 1970. During its time as a PRL hotel it was swamped with bedbugs. We will walk back in the direction of the Old Town. You will come across Lublin’s Sagrada Familia. A megalomaniac prestige project which took 30 years to get completed. Obviously, we will teach you about the unwritten rules of queueing. And we will visit the regional headquarters of Solidarność, the labour union erected after the famous strikes in Lublin.

Lublin Communism Tour: Good to know

This casual walk through Lublin will offer you information to contemplate, maybe you will even feel anger and sadness. We will also try to put a smile on your face!


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Lublin Old Town Square


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