Zwiedzanie z przewodnikiem po Majdanku

English Speaking Guide at Majdanek

Majdanek concentration camp operated between the 1st October 1941 and the 22nd July 1944. Approx, 80,000 prisoners were killed there by the Nazis. Around 60,000 of them were Jewish. Martin’s City Tours provides English Guided Tours at Majdanek.


Please make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance.


Around 3 hours
(private tour)


Dutch (optional)

Meeting point

In front of Majdanek’s Visitor Service Centre.

The aim of our tour with an English speaking guide at Majdanek is to give you an understanding of the history of this former Nazi concentration camp. During a 3-hour-tour, the still existing site of the former camp will be covered. Warehouses, barracks, the gas chamber and crematorium can be entered. The brutality of the crimes committed on site of Majdanek is overwhelming. Still, we like to share facts about the daily operation of the camp, its inmates, their causes of death, Aktion Erntefest and Majdanek in its context with Lublin and the former extermination camps in the surrounding area.

Museum regulations

  • Dress accordingly
    (Please, respect the victims and wear suitable clothes for a necropolis)
  • Respect the visitors rules at all times
    (Smoking, open fire and eating, as well as acting in a loud manner, using your phone in the historic buildings or being intoxicated are forbidden on site)
  • Minimum age of 14
    (Due to the character of the place)
  • Animals are not allowed during this tour
    (with the exception of guide dogs)
  • Please act accordingly to the recommendations of the guides, exhibition keepers and Museum Guards
    (We are guests of the museum)


Majdanek is easily accessible by public transport. It’s a 15 minutes journey by bus from the Cathedral (bus stop: Brama Krakowska 04) to Majdanek. We kindly suggest using the BusNavi app during your stay in Lublin.

Costs and reservations…

We charge 330 złoty for a three-hour-tour. Please, be so kind as to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advance (This fee is valid for groups up to 20 people) or contact us to get more information on English Guided Tours at Majdanek.

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