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Martin's City Tours in the media.

Dominican Monastery

Poland Daily History – Ben interviews Martin about Lublin’s Dominican Monastery. Martin tells the story of the hideous theft of the relics of The True Cross in 1991. And it’s connection to the miraculous saving of the Old Town during the Great Fire of 1719.

Lublin Castle and the Great Fire of 1575

Poland Daily History – Benjamin Lee likes to learn more about the history of Lublin’s Castle. He is also curious why Lublin has such a huge amount of Renaissance buildings. Martin shares how a great fire in 1575 triggered the Lublin Renaissance style.

Crown Tribunal

Poland Daily History – In 1578, Lublin became the seat of Poland’s Crown Tribunal. The highest appeal court in the Kindom of Poland. Martin explains Ben about the court session ruled by the Devil himself.

Chapel of the Holy Trinity

Poland Daily History – Talk with Benjamin Lee about Lublin’s Chapel of the Holy Trinity. Martin explains the importance of the Byzantine frescos commissioned by King Władysław II Jagiełło dating back to 1418.