Lublin’s mobiles end up behinds bars

A joint project of the City of Lublin and Lublin’s restaurants aiming to encourage offline presence during your meal has been launched in Lublin. The project is called “inspired by the conversation” and is beautiful in its simplicity. You let the waiter lock your mobile up in a special storage box at the beginning of your meal and get it back together with your bill discounted by 10%.

Sounds like a great deal, but how easy is it actually to part from your device? It might not feel very comfortable at the very beginning but surely, a phoneless dining has also plenty of benefits. Not only are you forced to have a conversation with your table partner(s) without constant notifications sounds in the background, but also you will finally enjoy the taste of hot food as you will be deprived of the opportunity of taking endless pictures of your plate before your first bite. Now, think of your waiter who won’t need to wait before you finish your phone call, text message or uploading your stories on Instagram before taking your order. Might the mobile-free meals be the ultimate solution to issues with “slow service”?

As much as this concept has been used by restaurants all over the world before – already back in 2012, CNN Business reported a Los Angeles restaurant offering a 5% discount if you decided to have your meal without your phone on you – it might be for the very first time when the local authorities get involved in making our local restaurants human-interactions-friendlier places.

Aren’t you sure if a mobile-free dining could be your cup of tea? You might get convinced by an idea of a New York City restaurant that offered board games, colouring books, and a social self-care experience to their guests during their first phoneless service. As Lublin-themed colouring pages and board games are already available for the youngest visitors at our Tourist Inspiration Centre, they might easily be extended to adult versions and provided to the participating restaurants, too.

Haven’t you had a chance to experience a mobile-free dining followed by a lovely surprise of a discount on your meal? Just get on a car, bus, train, or plane to enjoy a lovely meal the way we all did back in the 90ies. To work up your appetite, let Martin’s City Tours take you for a walk to historical landmarks and fascinating places in Lublin’s Historic Centre.

Picture: Miasto Lublin